Deacon Ministry

Leadership through services. Making sure no need goes unmet.

Music Ministry

Dynamic 5 piece band, praising and worshipping our God through music.

Taste of Soul

Praise, worship, and service through food.

M.O.D. Squad

Men of Distinction or the M.O.D. Squad is a powerful group of men uplifting one another in Word and Love!


Our Women’s Ministry. Living examples of a Proverb woman. Influential and the backbone of the church.

Youth Ministry

Train up a child the way they should go. Includes: Ladies First, Boys to Men, Children’s Church, and Youth Choir.

Usher Board Ministry

Ushering in the Spirit of Excellence and Order.

Outreach Ministry

Making Disciples, fulfilling the Commission Given by God to Spread the Gospel.


Branding the Vision given to our Pastor and spreading the Word of God.

Teen Ministry

Inspire and aid in developing our teenagers into young men and women who possess purpose, power, respect, and value.